The Amibroker custom backtester interface provides three levels of user customization, simply called high-level, mid-level, and low-level. 1 Advanced users’ workshop: Custom Backtester Interface 4/19/ Advanced users’ workshop: Custom Backtester Interface by Tomasz Janeczko, Amibroker. 1 Topographic Surface Anatomy. STUDY AIMS. At the end of your study, you should be able to: Identify the key landmarks.

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If trial and error proves that not to be the case, then we could alternatively try using the Trade object properties EntryPrice, ExitPrice, and IsLong to determine if it was a winning or losing trade. Essentially this means using Signal objects as well as the Backtester object. The for loop conditions baacktester effectively saying start from the first Signal object for the current bar, at the end of each pass get the next Signal object for the same bar, and keep doing that until there are no more Signal objects for the bar ie.

The AmiBroker manual already explains it in detail! Another similar example, but this time scaling out a position once it has doubled in value, removing the initial capital invested approximately:. This site uses WordPress Page cusrom in 0. Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 11 of Conclusion That pretty much covers the use of the custom backtester interface at all three levels.

It consists of two functions, the DayCount function itself, and a DayInYear function to calculate the current day number in a year for a particular date. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. At each bar, each open long position in the trade open position list must be tested for scaling in, and a scale-in performed if the conditions are met.

Registration Forgot your password? That output was produced by the following code in the custom backtest procedure: Note though, as can be seen above, that your application may not be the only thing sending data to the viewer. A little preview of the PowerVote Quizz toolbar. This option will be used throughout the rest of this document.


However, any conditional involving a null value is always false, so this will still work. Embed this content in your HTML.

Amibroker uses object oriented model for ambiroker backtesting. Only developers working on the object itself care about them. Browsing All Articles 11 Articles. At some point in the future yes.

Custom Backtest – AmiBroker Knowledge Base

In other words, it holds a Signal object rather than a Backtester object. Custom Backtester Interface”— Presentation transcript: The profit must be greater than the injected capital to scale in. A value of zero means all buys will be taken, subject to cash availability, while a value of means none will be.

The high-level approach requires the least programming knowledge, and the low-level approach the most. In essence, the steps are:. The aim of the object model is to view the application as a set of self-contained and reusable objects that can manage their own backetster and provide interfaces for other objects and code to use. Because of complexity I will post code sample a bit later to the KB.

Implementing such functionality is actually easy with existing tools and does not require any OLE scripts. Copyright C AmiBroker. To access the properties and methods of an object, you need to know not only the name of the property or method, but also the name of the object. As another example, say we want amibroier list for each winning trade how far above or below the average winning profit it was as a percentage, and similarly for each losing trade, how far above or below the average loss it was as a percentage.

For example, the Backtester object has methods functions that perform operations related to backtesting. By setting a path to the file holding the procedure in the Automatic Analysis Settings Portfolio page. Instead, you can split it into two strings and concatenate them:. Firstly, the DayInYear function:.


AmiBroker Users’ Knowledge Base » AmiBroker Custom Backtester Interface

It would actually be nice here if the Trade object had a few user-defined properties, to allow the user to persist any values they wanted to throughout the life of a trade custo this could also be done with static variables. From this you can see the advantage of keeping object variable names short.

The main differences between the mid-level and high-level approaches are: Backtesting engine in AmiBroker allows to add custom metrics to the report, both in the summary report and in the trade list. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

This is the probability of ignoring any particular new buy signal. Nifty Option Greeks Calculator: However, since the backtester at this level is not run in the context of a particular symbol, the data must be saved to a composite symbol in the main code or perhaps a static variable and referenced in the custom backtest procedure with the Foreign function. Each of those components manages its own functionality and provides you with a set of connectors and cables to join them all together to create the final application: To use the Backtester object, you first have to get a copy of it and assign that to your own variable: White space in a string is treated as exactly what it is, so if you put a line break in the middle of it, you will end up with a line break in your output this is not true in all languages, but is with AFL as far as tracing goes.

The scale-in position size is equal to half the injected capital.