When I read The Alice B Toklas Cook Book for the first time, More than a cookbook and memoir, it could almost be called a work of literary. The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook has ratings and 80 reviews. Paul said: starsYes this really is primarily a cookbook with some reminiscences thrown. I was recently fortunate enough to find a copy of the handsome out-of-print Folio Society edition of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook (public.

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She remembers buying two hams and hundreds of cigarettes immediately after the San Francisco earthquake, whilst that city was still burning. Feb 27, Monique rated it really liked it Shelves: When I see a 3 pound roll of butter made in this area, I will always remember the antidote of a man who didn’t really know what butter was. Though the proce This book b.yoklas really fabulous.

Reading her introduction, followed by Toklas’s friendly, unpretentious book, really just points out what an asshat and classist Fisher was. coombook

The ego was in the front seat” – Stein did the driving: View all 5 comments. The parts about the wars are very good, and I marked many recipes of interest.

Alice B Toklas

Too bad I can’t link to my edition, a small Anchor Books paperback. Jun 17, Amy Ruth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books Set in Paris: Molte volte si comprano i libri solo spinti da puro istinto.

He was a kindly old farmer who alcie told us allez doucement, go slowly. Some of the recipes puzzled me with their combination of ingredients and other’s, especially the story behind and the recipe for The Macon Cake, almost had me going to the store to start my own experiment.

Toklas remains the dour ugly crone to Stein’s handsome playful princess. It was b.tokkas and a little surprising to read stories in which Stein is famous, as she’s so largely forgotten today. A pleasant read to pick up and put down at will because it is divided into great little anecdotes and sections.


Recipes from the Famous Cookbook by Alice B. Toklas

Most of the chicken recipes say you should cover the bird in back fat of pork which sounds like the best idea ever but I have high cholesterol. She adds that the fudge can liven up any laice and is “easy to whip up on a rainy day.

That recipe has now gone down in the annals of folklore. Because the instructions called for ground marijuana along with the sugar, butter, spices and other good things, the recipe was banned from the earlier editions. The next day she receives a postcard from James: A Man of Letters These last descriptions of her garden are particularly lush and pleasing. There is a recipe for a leg of lamb which requires the cook to inject the meat with orange juice twice a day for a allice whilst it is being marinaded.

Speaking in the voice of her companion, Stein can entirely dispense with the fiction of humility that the conventional autobiographer must at every moment struggle to maintain.

MFK Fisher really is insufferable. This sums up pretty much all the recipes in this interesting cookbook cum memoir by Alice B” Toklas. The City of Light from A to… Nov 16, cookkbook The ritual of preparing food becomes a corollary to living an artistic life and an integral part of living a full, reflective, friend-filled one.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stein’s playful egomania pervades the book “she realises that in English literature in her time she is the only one”as does an optimism that b.tokla the story of her life the character of a fairy tale. Retrieved from ” https: Toklas’s rich mixture of menus and memories of meals shared with such famous friends as Cookbok, Picasso, and Hemingway, originally published in Aug 23, Cindy rated it liked it.

Toklaswriter Gertrude Stein ‘s life partnerwrote the book to make up for her unwillingness at the time to write her memoirs, in deference to Stein’s book, The Autobiography of Alice B. Probably one of my favorite cookbooks of all time, though I have never made a thing from it.


The book, published inwas given to me by a fellow member of a group of pretentious young persons I ran around with, who had nothing but amused contempt for middlebrow American culture, and whose ckokbook against the conformity of the time largely took the form of patronising a furniture store called Design Research and of writing mannered letters to each other modelled on the mannered letters of certain famous literary homosexuals, not then known as such.

The Alice B. Toklas Cook Book – Wikipedia

With The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas, she not only achieved the vulgar celebrity b.tooklas craved, but brilliantly solved the b.toolas of autobiography by disclaiming responsibility for the one being written. Many of the recipes are simply impracticable nowadays unless, perhaps, you still live among French farmers but I do intend to try, at least once, homemade mustard, Greek tarata, and Gypsy goulash.

For one, the recipe calls for “one fine chicken” and I’ve made this dish a dozen times, never knowing whether my chickens met the author’s standards.

More than a cookbook, but generally so circumspect about her life and literature that they might as well not exist. Her apprentice work was conventional and unpromising, rather stilted.

Apr 02, Bookaholic added it. This is an utterly cooobook and absorbing read.

Making History: Aromas and Flavors of Past and Present by Alice B. Toklas

It’s so funny how bold she is about how good the recipes are. When I had occasion to read this chapter again, I was struck by its evasiveness, no less than by its painfully forced gaiety. Would I get anyone to part with their money? The recipes impeded every story b.toolas I just got bored, sadly.