Just came across this “graphic adaptation” of some key HPL tales, and think it’s great. The album includes the adaptation of the following short. (réalisme pompier vs abstract forms), there are Alberto Breccia’s comics adapted from Cthulhu’s Myth’s Lovecraft. Indeed, to paint the fall in. Alberto Breccia draws Lovecraft Cthulhu, Authors, Comic Art, Art Gallery, Monsters,. Visit . «Les mythes de Cthulhu / Los mitos de Cthulhu.

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I do however own Eternauta, and while it is a cousin to the work cthluhu his Lovecraft adaptions, it lacks the horrific incomprehensibility of those adaptions. You can draw a direct line between him to Jose Munoz to the style that would make Frank Miller extremely rich in hollywood.

“Cthulhu Mythos: The Haunter of the Dark” by Alberto Breccia & Norberto Buscaglia, AR, 1975

There is no such concession from Breccia here. Mort Cinder Breccia Part 3: Conclusion Alex Toth Belardinelli: Breccia Introduction Breccia Part 1: It presages somewhat the work mixed media horror work of Sienkiewicz and Dave McKean did in the 80s and early 90s—which I think for similar mechanical reasons, produced similarly ineffable results.

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Abstract Comics: The Blog: Mythes de Cthulhu, by Breccia

Incidentally, his son Enrique has a comic-book about Lovecraft published by Vertigo, which everyone is encouraged to see! Click on the image to enlarge. Anyway, I think this book functions beautifully as an artistic compliment to the stories covered. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Alberto Breccia. Posted by Mattias-Fausse-Monnaie at 5: Notify me of new comments via email. His son Enrique Breccia would also draw a few war stories for Fleetway in the late s, such as Spy Newer Post Older Post Home.


Click breccix the images to enlarge. Alberto Breccia – Cthulhu Myhtos Alberto Breccia was a truly visionarie, I think he was one of the few who really captured the essence of Lovecraft work.

Whereas in the colored mixed media work, the ink work can sometimes kind of fade in the face of everything else going on at the moment. These stories exist almost on an island right now. James Whitney Box algebra: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Alberto Breccia and The Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic’s Imagery

This is monster making drawing from backwater brain mud in a way that is fresh, and still to this day awe-inspiringly original. Indeed, to paint the fall in madness and horror, Breccia used techniques as collagesexpressionist and abstract forms ; and he confronted it with academic drawings.

Breccia drew the story with a decidedly experimental style, resorting to diverse techniques. Send a private message to Bbreccia. All times are GMT I don’t know if it’s just my computer playing up but none of the links were working so I thought I’d add this one to Breccia’s adap of The Dunwich Horror.

Wilbur is just awesomely goatish, and the death scene greccia simply great!

His son is the noted cartoonist Enrique Breccia. Breccia has so many styles that he mastered in his career—and there is so much in any one of his books we can learn from him—but I think his Lovecraft stuff is cthuphu deserving of re-examination.

Check out ccthulhu Wilbur Whateley http: Wednesday, January 03, Alberto Breccia Part 2: Email required Address never made public. My spanish is not very good, so I mostly am only able to read them through the images themselves—which even in that limited capacity these pages are absolutely revelatory, and something I am constantly returning to. Please login or register.


I think his art is wonderfully appropriate – rather than trying to show what HPL says can’t be shown, this artist takes the much more intelligent, though I am sure very hard, way of painting to imply or suggest. Posted by Disraeli Demon at 6: Jochen Gerner, Abstraction Star Wars Between him and his Panamerican School of Art co-founder Hugo Pratt—you can go six degrees on just about any artistic style in european and european influenced comics. Alberto BrecciaUncategorized.

In-Depth Review Rotring Artpens: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. May 21, December 31, It is somewhat strange that so much in horror comics have run fast in the opposite direction. Alberto Breccia – Cthulhu Myhtos I don’t know if it’s just my computer playing up but none of the links were working so I thought I’d add this one to Breccia’s adap of The Dunwich Horror.

Alberto Breccia and The Power of Suggestion in Horror Comic’s Imagery | 73

I was impressed by specifically the Call Of Cthulhu adaptation, which indeed is actually an almost abstract comic. Introduction Breccia Part 1: You are in for a treat. If you have enjoyed Breccia, try his “Mort Cinder”, with the equally gifted writer Oesterheld.