AKAI CAU B User Manuals. PDF Download AKAI CAU B English user manual · PDF Download AKAI CAU B Hungarian user manual · PDF. márc. Akai CAU MP3 autós lejátszó nem kapcsol be.Táp csatlakoztatáskor egy pillanatra felvillan a kijelző de bekapcsolni nem lehet. VERSION IND-XBT. USER MANUAL VERSION IND-XU. IND- BT Manual – Bravo View Technology. AKAI CAU B English user manual.

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Please Recycle Your Spent Batteries Batteries should not be disposed of in unsorted municipal waste, but separately collected to facilitate the correct treatment and recycling of the substances they contain. Press or for more than 2 seconds once or more to select X2, X4, X8, X20, to fast backward or forward track during playback. Do not touch the disc surface. A file name entered with characters not on the code list may not play correctly. Just, get the same speed with USB 1. Lift upward to close the panel.

Press key once stopping the playback and the relevant location on the disc is saved, press to resume the playback from the saved disc location. Stations with strong and weak signals can be broadcast. Reconnect Battery When wiring is complete, reconnect the battery negative terminal. The unit is designed with a vibration dampening disc mechanism to minimize interruption of disc play due to normal vibration in a moving vehicle.

If the DVD disc does not contain the audio file in the selected language, the dialogues you listened to will be in the default language. B once to select starting point. Due to different formats, some models read. If the opening is too small, carefully cut or file as necessary until the sleeve easily slides into the opening. Place the unit in front of the dashboard opening so the wiring can be brought through the mounting sleeve.


If such a disc is used, remove these rough spots with a pencil or ball-point pen, etc. Various battery collection schemes will be in operation in different areas of the country.

Hold AMS more than 2 seconds, the 6 strongest available stations will be automatically saved in the preset button numbers Reset Remove the Panel 1.

User Manuals and Guides

Track random play Resetting the unit will erase the time and preset memories. Cut the connector; connect the colored leads czu the power cord to the car battery, as shown in the color code table below for speaker and power cable connections.

This unit does not support. Bravo View is not responsible for articles lost or stolen during shipping. Re-attach the Font Panel 1. This unit can be installed in any akal with a suitable mm W x 53 mm H opening as shown above. HUE Set the hue of the video output with ca However, battery collection bins will be available at retail stores that sell batteries as well as at schools, libraries and other public buildings.

Insert the removal keys straight back until they lock, then pull the radio out. In these circumstances, pressing the RESET button will clear the system and return the unit to default operation. Otherwise, the battery may start to give off heat, crack or catch fire. With the sleeve fully inserted into the dashboard opening, bend as many of the tabs outward as necessary to firmly secure the sleeve to the dashboard.


Supported bit-rates of MP3 disc are: Search cxu store stations automatically Traffic information can be received from the 780 station or stations in other network.

Please understand if RDS service is not available in you area, the following service is not available. Specifications and the design are subject to change without notice due to improvements. Insert the disc into the slot, and the 718 will change to disc mode automatically.

OGG or other formats. For a period of 1 Year from original date of purchase, if the product is determined to be defective, Bravo View will repair or replace the fau at no charge. Do not put sticker paper, tape or disc labels on disc surfaces, as internal damage may occur.

When disc inserted, display shows LOAD.

RIPSpeed DVDB Operating instructions

Make sure the radio is right-side up, then carefully slide the radio into the mounting sleeve until it is fully seated and the spring clips lock it into place. Eject the Disc Press to flip down the panel. The adjustable range of volume is 0 to The passengers at the rear seats can watch normally.

The dashboard should be 4. Selecting a Station Press the or another station.