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Instruction (AFI) _IP, Management Of Aviation Critical Safety Items; Air Force Policy. Directive , AFMC Quality Assurance; and. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering Additionally, this AF Instruction (AFI) implements the policies in management is contained in AFI , Air Force Acquisition Quality.

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Coordinate and obtain approval on major plans from relevant stakeholders. The processes and associated practices address acquirer activities as well as activities conducted by the integrator or supplier and other organizations throughout the supply-chain.

Collect and analyze measurement data as planned, conduct additional analysis as necessary, 63-51 results with relevant stakeholders, and refine measurement criteria for future analysis.

Leadership initiates a self-assessment based upon a multitude of factors including: CMG1 PI Identify accountability for the disposition of, access to, release of and control of the technical baselines.

It also allows for developing and sustaining the infrastructure and measurement capability to support management information needs. Establish mechanisms for feedback of field product performance. This is achieved by providing both standard process definitions and an associated set of SE best practices tailored for use by United States Air Aif programs and projects.

Collect and analyze project issues through program management reviews, technical reviews, milestone reviews, and analysis of program metrics. Decision analysis record, acquisition strategy, etc. Establish a process to track findings through disposition. Acceptance or readiness to test criteria defined during design and integration are satisfied.



Baselines provide a stable basis for continuing evolution of configuration items. Bidirectional traceability ensures that all higher level requirements and verification criteria are accounted for by the totality of the lower level requirements.

There is a continuous iteration developing increasingly detailed derived requirements as the multiple layers of a complex afl are defined.

Combined, these practices form the foundation for SE process discipline that leads to repeatable excellence in product life-cycle management and higher 63-510 of customer satisfaction. Generic practices improve the power of a process by ensuring that the specific practices are executed and that there is appropriate planning of the process to ensure that it is feasible and well supported and that stakeholders are properly involved.

Version September 17 Version September 7. A recent report from the Defense Business Board 11 outlines an aggressive program to address the main factors that inhibit bringing highly qualified personnel into Pentagon leadership positions.

Identify and monitor requirements for initial spares, support equipment, facilities and facility modifications. Include suppliers below prime contractor level in the IPPD construct.

AFI Other Considerations: Track corrective actions to closure by an established and documented afl and communicate to appropriate stakeholders.

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Execute risk handling, including mitigation actions promptly. Introduction The lack of robust systems engineering processes has been cited as one of the root causes of negative occurrences in acquisition and sustainment programs across the Department of Defense. To effectively review and manage software acquisition activities, the project team needs expertise in acquisition, management, and software development. DG1P2 Establish and maintain interface designs Description: Specific Goals SG A specific goal describes the unique characteristics that must be present to satisfy the goal.


Consider plans afo parallel technology development. Document scoring and conclusion susing selected evaluation methods and established criteria. Estimates of the attributes of the work products and tasks are then used to bound the budget and schedule.

afo This supports the project planning activities on the occasions when some elements of the acquisition or life cycle may be out of the control of a particular acquisition organization. VG4P5 Establish and maintain a documented plan for validation Description: Identify the key factors and selection criteria that provide a basis for the solution e.

Ari those sessions the workshop committee heard from numerous experts, and several recurring topics emerged from those discussions. Accordingly, the model itself must undergo CPI in order to remain current and relevant.