Results 1 – 23 of 23 Abdeckung; Abtropfschale Schale drip tray; Anleitung Bedienungsanleitung . Drip Pan Tray Drip tray under tray drawer AEG Caffe Perfetto. Results 1 – 17 of 17 Set Jar Coffee Set Cup Bowl Pulp Container Jura AEG Krups. £ Coffee Grounds Drawer Tray Container AEG Caffe Perfetto cp Click here to go to download AEG-ELECTROLUX CAFEPERFETTOCP Coffee maker for free. PDF Download manual now – for free Coffee maker AEG -ELECTROLUX CAFEPERFETTOCP Model, CAFE PERFETTO CP CAFAMOSA · Coffee maker AEG-ELECTROLUX CAFFE SILENZIO CS

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Press the latching button down and slide the coffee-making unit back for around another 1 cm until the latching button engages Fig. Shake off the excess water, and gauge the hardness by means of the pink bands. The procedure for changing this is perfettl in the fol- lowing section. Ae the event of a power failure or interruption, the program must be restarted!. Do not add coffee during the brewing process.

Then the following is shown in the display: Main page Brands Categories Search.

The warranty period runs for 2 years from the date of purchase. The mechanism sets to the required function.

Ersatzteile für Kaffeevollautomaten

The following settings are affected: The display indicates the current setting, e. Press and hold the lock becienungsanleitung. The machine requires water for the automatic rins- bedienkngsanleitung cycles with each switching on and switching off process. Keep it in this position and turn the Lever for setting grinding texture Fig.


Hardness 1, soft up to 1. It should be cleaned before you start the cleaning program. To steam off the system, remove water tank and then select the steam function.

The noises occurring are per- fectly normal. Pass them on to any future owners.

Switch the steam off, before removing the mug with the frothed milk. The coffee is now made. You should also use a cold mug, preferably a stain- less steel one which should not be rinsed beforehand in hot water. To prepare for descaling, follow the instructions in the display.

The service cover opens at the front Fig. Ensure bedienungsanleityng is good air circu- lation. Petfetto this additional rinsing phase the brewing unit is brought back to the initial coffee dispensing temperature.

German is now programmed. Do not use a socket that is not earthed! Never put in other liquids, e. The cleaning cycles are counted off in the display. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection.

Hot water or steam output can cause scalding. Keep childeren at a safe distance! Keep the operating instructions for future reference.


The machine is now ready to be rinsed with fresh water. For dispensing of 2 cups the saved values are doubled.

Ersatzteile für Kaffeevollautomaten | eBay Stores

Danger of scalding from hot milk spray! Use a suitable container to catch the water. Never put the coffee machine or separate parts of the coffee machine in This will protect your coffee machine from being damaged by freezing in cold weather. Use only AEG descaling tablets.

The coffee machine includes a stone detector. The machine is now reset to the pfrfetto settings. Slide the height adjuster right down, and off the bottom. The three red elements are used for latch- ing and unlatching.

Since a higher temperature is needed to produce steam than to make coffee, the coffee machine has an additional steam mode.


This cup measure is now saved. Do not exceed the maximum fill level of 1. The machine is now ready for use and in the status of the last selected coffee mode. Clean the frothing aid, see page