ICS, Doc ID, STANAG Ed 6. Title, CLIMATIC CONDITIONS – AECTP Edition 1. Original Title. Category, TS. Location. AECTP (Edition 1) Leaflet /2 World-wide Ambient Air Temperature and Humidity Conditions and Levels of Direct Solar Radiation Additional Climatic. NATO AECTP CLIMATIC CONDITIONS. Amendment by NATO Publication, 05/01/ This document is an amendment. View the base document.

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Inside RCCP is present an electronic thermostat, allowing the adjustment of the temperature inside the compartment operators. Effects of Heat on Humidity Unintentional functioning of thermally activated devices. This leaflet addresses climatic environments that may be experienced by materiel during storage and handling. Levels of relative humidity RH during operational phases will depend on the provision of natural and forced air cooling and heat and moisture dissipated by installed equipment.

Prototyping and Production piccole serie. Aircraft parked and ground running Accelerated ageing and cracking, crazing or discoloration of protective finishes.

Simulated wind-blown dust and sand may be used when the former cannot adequately demonstrate penetration and erosion by sharp edged particles. Sea transportation Generally, test methods using diurnal cycles will be applicable to materiel in enclosed areas on or above deck.

Where it is required to test materiel to induced high temperatures when diurnal variations are so small as to have an insignificant effect on the materiel, or where it is considered that the response of the test specimen or its component parts are not related to temperature cycling, constant high temperature may be used.


Dust and Sand Examples of effects and faults caused by dust and sand are: Seizure of mechanical devices. Materiel carried in unpressurised regions will be subject to prevailing ambient pressures at flight altitudes. In the absence of measured data, test severities should be based on information given in Operational and Environmental Requirements documents such as the intended geographical areas of deployment, the type of vehicle, and the location on the vehicle.

Reduced strength and increased elasticity of materials causing overloading.

NATO-AECTP 230:2009

Aircraft and space vehicle engineering Materiel carried in a covered platform Absolute humidity experienced by materiel during transportation is quite the same as external asctp or meteorological humidity. Also, advice is given on potential damaging effects and treatment options. Warm air in the compartments and individual items of equipment mixes with lower temperature ambient air during the climb to altitude.

Such conditioning is particularly applicable to materiel installed on vehicles deployed in open spaces in wet tropical regions of the world. Materiel directly exposed to mechanically blown dust and sand aevtp be tested aextp the Blowing Dust or Blowing Sand test.

GENERAL This leaflet addresses the climatic environments that may be experienced by materiel when deployed or installed on aecto wing aircraft and on helicopters. Aircraft parked Operation and ground movement of an aircraft in the vicinity of a parked aircraft e. Internal temperatures of individual materiel will depend on similar factors to those discussed above.

On the front of RCCP failures and indications are shown. Above deck on surface ships No measured data indicating severities of induced forms of wetting experienced by materiel installed or carried above deck are readily available.


Pressure Levels of overpressure used to seal vehicle compartments are benign. Sealed or partially sealed materiel with low leakage rates may be susceptible to temporary distortion or permanent mechanical damage if located in compartments employing overpressure to provide an air tight seal.

The combined effects of induced high temperatures and dissipated heat may result in very low levels of relative humidity occurring inside confined spaces of materiel deployed in hot dry regions of the world. Thermal shock induces high rates of expansion and contraction, resulting in stress and fracture of materials, failure of bonded joints, and degraded performance of 320.

AECTP – What does AECTP stand for? The Free Dictionary

Servicing procedures will, from time to time, require that panels be removed for access to plug-in points on aircraft and air carried stores. Preferably, conditions for particular applications should be determined from specifically measured data. Build-up of static electricity especially where humidity is low.

The depth and duration of immersion for a particular test item measured from the highest point on the specimen to surface of the water aecctp be determined by its position on the vehicle and the maximum depth of aeftp which the vehicle is required to negotiate.