A Q&A guide to electricity regulation in the United Arab Emirates. . The Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA) is the single buyer. (Adwea) into the emirate’s newly established department of energy as The Regulation & Supervision Bureau (RSB), which oversees water. 3. Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA). 4. Regulation and Supervision Bureau (RSB). 5. Town Planning Department (TPD). 6.

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High energy use, encouraged by subsidised energy prices and the construction of energy intensive industries such as aluminium smelting has resulted in the UAE having one of the highest per capita carbon footprints in the world. The project consists of the construction and installation of four 1,MW reactors with the first reactor scheduled to be completed in May and the fourth by The Healthcare Law Review.

There is currently no federal energy policy.

To encourage private investment in renewable energy, the government needs to enact formal legislation to regulate the development of renewable energy.

The substations are named Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity after the three subthemes of the Expo. Prior consent of the Bureau is required for any transfer including the creation of security over assets of the licence holderwhich consent may be subject to such conditions as the Bureau may consider appropriate.

Any person or entity intending to carry out these activities is required to be licensed by the Bureau. However, there are signs that these challenges could be substantially mitigated through a combination of cost-effective technology and policy, especially through the recent creation of several energy authorities and strategy processes that can take a holistic view of investment and policy choices. The city of Abu Dhabi in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is the federal capital. The energy sector in the UAE is likely to continue seeing rapid changes and as the economy continues to grow, demand is likely to create opportunities for private investment in the sector.


The ownership of the IWPPs is split Deployment of different supply technologies. All government led projects have been mandated to meet a two-pearl rating the highest being a five-pearl rating. This initiative was backed due to UAE’s stable political and financial system. The generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the Rregulation is dominated by five water and power authorities. The FEWA is responsible for electricity transmission in the northern emirates.

Electricity distribution Authorisation and operating requirements. UAE’s strategic vision, both at the federal level Vision and local level in Abu Dhabi in particular, with the Abu Dhabi Strategyconstitutes an important step that has contributed to the steady growth of investment in the field of renewable energy.

Electricity regulation in the United Arab Emirates: overview

The DEWA and the Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority are responsible for the generation, transportation and distribution of water and electricity within Dubai and Sharjah, respectively. Dubai’s legislation on the electricity sector was historically limited to Dubai Law No.

The enforceability of these side agreements is questionable and untested in the local courts. In line with these strategies, Dubai aims to diversify its energy sources so that by it can fulfil 5 per cent of its energy demand from solar energy, 12 per cent from nuclear energy, 12 per cent from clean coal and 71 per cent from natural gas.

These developments, however, currently remain restricted to the government sector despite the various initiatives that were launched to permit private sector participation.

In Dubai, an announcement with Sheikh Mohammed’s blessing was made in early to develop a 1,MW solar park bywith a 10MW PV plant actively that was tendered and completed in The Dubai Municipality also announced the world’s largest waste-to-energy project in the emirate’s Al Warsan area, in early These three components are:.

Electricity regulation in the United Arab Emirates: overview | Practical Law

TRANSCO operates a load despatch centre in the capital and is responsible for ensuring that producers have sufficient “real-time” generation and water capacity available to meet continuously varying customer demands. The completion of the GCC Grid and its proposed expansion to Arab and European countries through Turkey will create further opportunities for private sector investment in the sector by enabling cross-border trading of power.


It also determines and establishes standards and controls for electricity generation in the emirate and proposes rehulation governing regulaton electricity sector in Dubai. On account of its larger production capacity and extensive distribution network, ADWEA has increasingly been assisting the other emirates in meeting their power demand.

Any business that does not comply with these regulations are subject to fines or other penalties. Dubai has progressively reduced and removed most of its electricity subsidies and Abu Dhabi is contemplating similar measures. These countries were selected because of the importance of mining to their economies and to ensure a broad geographical representation.

United Arab Emirates

Once completed, the Solar Park is expected to include, inter aliathe following: The BST is the wholesale power and water tariff for the sector, and must be approved by the Regulation and Supervision Bureau each year before publication. In fact, UAE nationals benefit from even greater subsidies than those given to expatriate workers.

Masdar is also a 20 per cent stakeholder in the London Array wind farm in the United Kingdom, which produces MW of electricity.

Contrary to popular belief, the source of energy that fuels UAE’s rapid economic development stems from natural gas rather than oil. In addition, according to its website, a number of patents are already pending registration.