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According to the ABNT NBR (), quarteringis the process of dividing a prehomogenized sample into four equal parts, taking two opposing parts for a. Amostragem de Resíduos Sólidos ABNT NBR / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas (ABNT), Resíduos Sólidos. According Brazilian standard ABNT NBR /, this waste is of solid waste and ABNT NBR / – Sampling of solid waste.

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Study for vitreous waste recovery in the formulation of heavy clay ceramics

Through the work carried out, it can be said that the addition of the enamel waste to the clayey mass of heavy clay ceramics influences its properties. Table 4 presents the results of the Raw Residue of the STD and enamel waste, showing that 1007 residue used has a smaller particle size than the standard mass, directly aiding in the packaging factor, contributing to a better compaction.

Alumina is also generally associated with kaolinite, being a very characteristic mineralogical phase of clays [33]. Utilization of waste glass to enhance physical—mechanical properties of fired clay brick.

Deve ser utilizada em pequenas profundidades. Where it was possible to decrease the water absorption and increase the mechanical strength. The results also indicate a reduction in loss of ignition as the residual content increases, since the residue presents a lower amount of organic matter 4. In a mixture with water in a ratio of 1: After firing, the following characteristics were evaluated: Silica is found in several mineralogical phases, clayey and non-clayey, especially quartz its purest natural form and kaolinite Al 2 Si 2 O 5 OH 4.


MedCrave Group Danforth Rd. Therefore, abnt nbr waste is not a plastic material, which abn contribute to achieving ideal plasticity of the mixture in the extruder. The ceramic mass supplied by a ceramic company from South of Santa Catarina, Brazil used for the manufacture of structural blocks.

Due to the results obtained during the leaching test, the residue is toxic because it contains barium and lead in concentrations.

Add a personal note: Table 2 shows the chemical composition of the raw materials obtained by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry FRXwhere it is possible to verify the predominance of silica SiO 2 and alumina Al 2 O 3 in all samples. Such a tool considers industrial wastes as by-products or alternative materials that can feed another industry.

The manufacture of red ceramics is able to absorb high amounts of solid residues from several segments, mainly due to the large volumes involved, allows greater tolerance in the composition of its mass.

Coal mine wastes recycling for coal recovery and eco—friendly bricks production. The duly identified formulations were packed in hermetically sealed plastic containers for moisture homogenization for a period longer than 24 h.

The study was to analyze the technical feasibility of the incorporation of vitreous waste, from abny decanters, into a heavy clay mass for fired clay ceramic structural block production. The annual global of ceramic for masonry production is currently around billion and its demand is expected to grow steadily.

More presentations by Renato Verardino Untitled Prezi. Lara Publishing House; It can be observed that the waste presents significant levels of alkaline earth metals, mainly calcium oxide this also contributes to assist the 10070 of the ceramic mass in certain temperatures. Journal of Cleaner Production. Therefore, it is possible to analyze the difference in the linear retraction of burning of the formulations.



Formulations F5 and F6 showed higher strength 5. Click here to submit your manuscript The clay mass was obtained from the mixture of four annt that was collected after complete homogenization and removal after the rolling process.

The presence of calcium CaOmagnesium MgO and potassium K2O assist with increasing resistance to sudden changes in temperature. Surface properties of new green building material after TiO2—SiO2 coatings deposition.

The technological properties evaluated were linear thermal retraction of drying and firing, loss on fire, water absorption and mechanical resistance. Reducing the amount of pores favoring the reduction of water absorption and the increases of the mechanical resistance. May 5, admin 0 Comments.

NBR / by Alessandro Maiochi on Prezi

Therefore, recycling or re-use within the same process can be a reasonable way of preserving the environment. Houston, we have a problem! Utilizado geralmente para coletar amostras: Ukwatta A, Mohajerani A.

The technological characteristics evaluated were water nvr, apparent porosity, apparent density, loss on ignition, linear shrinkage abnt nbr flexural strength.

This favors the formation of liquid phase in abjt sintering process.