Aangan (Urdu: آنگن) is a famous social and political Urdu novel written by a famous Pakistani writer Khadija Mastoor. It was first published by. Documents Similar To Aangan by Khadija Mushaf By Nimra Ahmad. Uploaded by. Omer Arshad. Yeh Hansta Howa Mousam by Farhat Ishtiaq. Read Book Aangan ebooks 1 by Khadija Mastoor on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous.

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Interestingly enough in this cloistered space, reserved for women, men who are related by blood seem to have right of access and given a surprisingly free hand to romance, stalk, molest or manipulate their cousins. Retrieved 10 September Out aanan the two, Aangan is the one that got lots of admiration in the literary circle.

In a similar vein, but masttoor going overboard, Asloob Ahmad Ansari from Aligarh regarded it as one of the 15 major novels in the language. It is gratifying to see that the book takes its place as a Penguin Classic. You can not leave this book half once you have started reading it!

Archived from the original on 12 July It depicts a Hindustani khzdija that was divided mercilessly before the partition of Pakistan by the unfortunate time incidents. I sort of want to cry, I’m confused?

Retrieved 4 November Books by Khadija Mastoor. Anosha Rehman You can search for pdf khadij on google. Hum TV series Pakistani television series debuts Period family drama television series Pakistani television dramas based on novels Pakistani romantic drama television series Pakistani family television dramas.

Both sisters were very different as masstoor and I developed the idea that Masroor was more accomplished as a short story writer while Mastoor was a fine novelist. The many characters khavija clearly delineated and memorable, each sad and unfulfilled in their own way. Born in British India and later migrated to Pakistan with her sister Hajra Masroor, who is also masroor skillful writer herself, Khadija wrote 7 books on social and moral values.


Dec 27, S. The protagonist of the story is Aaliya — which is being played by Mawra Hocane in the drama — a strong and focused girl who keeps her dignity intact even in the most unfortunate of circumstances. Recommended for urdu book readers. I had read Aangan for the first time around three years ago and due to my weak memory had forgotten khzdija of the story line, just remembering that the feeling was not very pleasant. A magnificent book that depicts the bitter battles women fight, far from the battlefield.

Good book to read. Today as well, clouds had been gathering since evening.

I saw Mastoor several times, but it was her aangwn Hajra Masroor that I felt an affinity with as a writer as well as a person. View all 7 comments. Retrieved 10 December She sees the struggle of the people around her, she feels it, but mostly unable to do anything about it.

Technically, this space is not confined to women only — as conveyed by the title — but it contrasts with the more open and public spaces available to men. Principal photography began on 7 November in Wazirabad.

Nov 17, Luthien rated it liked it. It is set in the time period 12 years before the independence kkhadija subcontinent from British Raj rule.

Aangan / آنگن

Retrieved from ” https: This novel is a beautiful compilation of stories of some real tragic characters. I picked up this book since it has started to get khadijaa in Pakistan’s telly, just wanted to maatoor if it was something I’m willing to be invested on enough to catch up weekly episodes, hadn’t realized that I would fall so madly in love with these characters and story, even though it covers such a small picture of such a big historic event.


Khhadija parents would often talk about it. Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina set for landslide win as opposition demands new vote. Jan 24, Masooma Batool rated it liked it. Archived from the original on January 6, May 25, Saqib Ali rated it it was ok. The women of the household are engrossed in gossips and picking fights over events in the past.

It also puts light on the political fur My th post and Khaduja am glad that’s it’s a review of one of the finest books I have read this year.

Retrieved 28 March View all 3 comments. The reviewer is a critic and fiction writer and teaches literature and the humanities at Habib University, Karachi.

Aangan (Hum TV series) – Wikipedia

I was also intrigued in how Aliyah finds her own voice at a young age and defies every mould she is forced to take shape in by sheer will and clarity of mind and intent.

What was it that she really wanted. I actually liked most of the chapters mainly because I have a lot of respect for all old age Urdu writers. Hiba rated it did not like it Nov 24, Trio accused in JIT report reject findings, claim innocence. The central courtyard of a house would be the centre of the household. What an incredible book.

It took me a while to finish this book.