Compre o livro A Reclusive Heart na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e importados. Heart (Inglês). por R.L. Mathewson (Autor). She sold her company, signed a contract and was determined to live it up. Only problem, she was a bit of a recluse, painfully shy, kind of clumsy and didn’t know . Under the Covers book blog reviews the second in the Hollywood Hearts series, A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson.

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When they come to a r.l.mathewsin point of contention about things, Jamie is almost ready to complain to Nick’s boss and have him removed as her editor.

Nick was just edible. A makeover, a tour, and a revealed list of all the things Jamie r.l.mathewsonn to do but has been to afraid to try. I can’t just sit around with nothing to do while I try to be deathly silent so that I don’t wake up one of my children and send them into a blood curdling screaming fit. It gives me a great deal of freedom and allows me to retain full control over my work, which of course allows me to set the prices of my books and make them affordable for everyone: Nick is the bad boy from “A Humble Heart” and I was so happy to have his story because I’ve been crushing on him since then, yes he is a womanizing love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy but whatever, he had me hooked!!


A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts 2)

Apr 01, CC rated it it was ok Shelves: For four months straight I worked day and night until finally I finished my first book. A Reclusive Heart by R.

Nick gets the brilliant idea of parading Jamie around doing things on her list like attending candy conventions etc. Always On My Mind: Dec 09, Dali rated it it was amazing. Mathewson serie Hollywood Hearts 2. I found this story to be very enjoyable. By r.l.mwthewson rights he should have stormed out of the room, but he was still r.l.mathfwson shaken up to leave her side for more than five minutes at a time so he decided to sit in the chair and settle on glaring at her.

With that being said He’s not just any man-whore.

Read A Reclusive Heart (Hollywood Hearts 2) Online – StudyNovels

She rolled her eyes 5 Awkwardly Shy Stars Nick never thought he could fall in love. I’ve really enjoyed it!

His smile wasn’t pretty. Perfection’s Honeymoon from Hell II.

Despite all that, Jaime decided to change her life through her career allowing her more social interaction. He was a total ass at first but he’s GONE for her now! Dec 29, Ana rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve reread just that scene a few times.


Review: A Reclusive Heart by R.L. Mathewson

A great story with blush-worthy steamy scenes, which I totally enjoyed and couldn’t put down. He’s also a man-whore and has a rule to never sleep with a woman he works with and never sleep with a woman twice.

Later as the story progresses, Nick starts calling Jamie “his little recluse” and it’s said with much more caring and affection. He needs to be Phew! Nick is a Senior editor and out to make a name for himself in the publishing business.

Jamie was a shy woman that just happened to be a best selling author. I forgot to mention that they had a few cameos and seem like great characters that I’m sure I’ll love r.l.mahewson their own book.

She was sugar addict which was supposed to be cute but to me it was childish and annoying f.l.mathewson similar to the Bradfords. Quotes from A Reclusive Heart. So hey, why not conveniently spend time with her by teaching her about the fun things in life.

There’s also a side plot of a stalker that gave us a little intrigue.