A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – Sister Souljah’s New York Times bestselling sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever—this The Porsche Santiaga Story. A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah – THE SEQUEL MILLIONS OF READERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR At last The Porsche Santiaga Story. By Sister. A Deeper Love Inside opens with ten-year old Porsche Santiaga serving time in a juvenile prison for attempted murder. The narrative proceeds.

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I’d be surprised if CWE was not her greatest money maker, so she’s decided to milk this cash cow. The end of this book turns into a fairy tale as well there’s no huge climax, it never explodes into life. Read reviews that mention coldest winter winter stroy sister souljah deeper love love inside year old page turner great read worth the wait good read must read porsche santiaga sequel to the coldest point of view sistah souljah read the coldest santiaga lovee sistah souljah loved this book writing style.

Listen when I tell you, I am percent loyalty. Also Midnight makes an appearance, and he seems to be doing quite well, having adopted the twins, Porsche’s younger sisters.

It was very obvious through the majority of the book that it was all coming from the voice of an adult mind, and wouldn’t really have happened to a child. I figure pages of writing could have been cut out of this book and it still would have been an ok story. Riot has been working her own plans for the future and Porsche reminds her that the money buried in the ground at her family home is theirs to split so that Riot can flip it and increase their coffers.


Her older sister Winter, hasn’t called or visited and Porsche has no idea what fate has befell her twin seven-year-old sisters. Every day I fight.

Especially for someone who is claiming she is trying to uplift her people. Her characterization of the warden and the guards pissed me off.

A Deeper Love Inside | Book by Sister Souljah | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Add both to Cart Add both to List. And Porsche Santiaga’s beauty saves her. This is being herald as the sequel to the Coldest Winter Ever. Her hair was fresh, soft, long, and second only to her pretty face.

I was all-engrossed in what would become of a little girl lost in the system without a real family unit. I’m baffled by Sister Souljah’s writing. It became a bit boring. There is so much to say about this book and I don’t want santjaga give away any spoilers Sep 03, Alana rated it it was amazing.

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In Souljah’s first novel, it closes, leaving the reader to think that Winter matured, but this story completely erases any gaps that the reader tries to create for Winter as far as progression goes.


I wanted to save Porsche and I appreciate Sister Souljah for evoking such emotion from me – I never feel that way. Ugh, how can I describe this juicy piece of trash? Everybody can see it, and feel it, too.

A deeper love inside : the Porsche Santiaga story in SearchWorks catalog

I feel like that is such a juvenile word for her to use to often in her samtiaga. The Porsche Santiaga Story!?! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Winter made the decision to ostracize herself from her family when the going got rough.

As for Poppa, six one, light-skinned, strong, and suave with not even a teaspoon of bitch in him, no man on earth is better than him. I was not a fan of the Midnight series because I did not like the constant and sudden change in settings for both novels.

Not because of anything I did, just because of who I am naturally. Her themes are well explored and developed.

Read the first paragraph Tne almost as if she’s spent every other book trying to undo The Coldest Winter. I won a copy of A Deeper Love Inside: