Vendel Vesten (7th Sea, Nations of Theah: Book Eight) [Les Simpson, Kevin P. Boerwinkle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nations of. Cris DorDILUT. Derick W. Gross. A Bley Ingram. Runes. Cris DormILIS. 7th Sea Created by. John Wick & Jennifer Wick and Kevin Wilson. D.J. Trindle. Rob Vaux. Nations of Th̩ah: Vendel & Vesten (Book 8) РTwo hundred years ago, the islands of Vestenmannavnjar were home to fierce warrior tribes.

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Some people felt that the later supplements were unbalanced and broke the mood of the game.

Boerwinkle and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. They invented the Guilder – paper money given value not by it’s intrinsic worth, but by what the Vendel say it’s worth. Their warriors, no longer able to fight amongst each other under the new order, chose to travel from where the Great Wyrm had come, hoping to find another such beast and slay it. The south is sovereign Vesten country based on Sweden without a ruling monarch, as their last queen abdicated to convert to the Vaticine faith and ran off to Voddace or Castille.

It was Krieg who first fell to the insanity, and so made war upon the land.

New rules for Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar Heroes: Then, in a moment of luck, the Great Wyrm faltered – for just a moment. Ramussen – a Vendel style, this style is for the up and coming buisnessman and uses a pistol and good manners to protect the user.


Meanwhile, the Vendel maintain a good business relationship with all the nations, save Vodacce – their main “business rival”, the Crescents who interact with no one but the Vodacceand the Cathay who are a world away they have yet to find a trade route to Cathay.

InStudio G published two comic books: Archived from the original on 6 October The Vestenmananvnjar follow their own clans Jarl, and will until the return of the High King.

The Great Wyrm killed them by the hundreds – even destroying one of the tribes so completely that even it’s name was forgotten. So what if they change a few, neigh-unpronounceable names of heroes who’s stories are as outdated as their Vesten holdouts. Image not available Photos not available for this variation.

7th Sea RPG Vendel Vesten Nations of Theah Book Eight AEG 7207 RPG Sourcebook

In desperation, each tribe sent their fiercest warrior to face the beast. So powerful were these new abilities, that even invoking the name of the mighty hero was enough to call a fraction of his or her power. There is also a lot of detail on the various non-player characters NPCs that can be found in the country as well as their secrets. Alderac no longer publishes books for the system [2]: Traditional Vestenmannavnjar still adhere to the old ways, wielding fierce magic in defense of their homes.

Unfortunately, this time could not last. Each of the books of the Erebus Cross also contain information on the Explorer’s Society. The Vestenmannvanjar haven’t made a raid against these nations in centuries.

Vendel/Vestenmannavnjar | 7th sea Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

They were, according to the ancient traditions of the land, given form by Oddis – the all father. Each of the warriors discovered far to late that their newly gained powers was not without its cost.


After sfa battle, the 24 warriors each took one of the scales from the Wyrm’s body. Slowly however, time moved on, and the Jarl became increasingly overpowered by the armies of the south and the trade vendsl to bring in all that the Jarl could not. Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar respect the authority of the Swordsman’s Guildthough only the Vendel follow the rules regarding who can and cannot duel or the rules of dueling for that matter.

Vendel Vesten (Nations of Theah Book Eight), softback supplement for 7th Sea

The Rilasciare, for 7th sea vendel vesten, are a secret society dedicated to overthrowing the monarchy. The Vestenmannavnjar only accept organizations that aid their attempts to undermine the Vendel, including the Vesten Sea Raiders – a member of the Pirate Nation.

It is the accepted currency of all Theah except in Vodacce, where they burn the money whenever possible. Views Read Edit View history. InAlderac Entertainment Group announced they had entered into a deal with John Wick Presentseffectively transferring the publication rights for the 7th Sea to John Vestsn.

Retrieved from ” http: The weapons always have a name, per the Vestenmannavnjar way.