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Do you already have an account? Before using this document, please. After months of stumbling around I found the jfets at the beginning of the vertical amplifiers to be faulty both channels.

Through a sine wave in there and see if you are getting symmetrical clipping. Now the only thing I’m not sure about is if I read the curves correctly.

On Fri, Nov 20, at 8: On Tue, Nov 17, at 2: Even Fairchild made a ksk30, y grade has a Idss of 1. See schematic at http: On Tue, Nov 17, at For a 20 MHz oscilloscope, it would be difficult to find a small signal JFET which is too slow and that is why it worked.


2SK30 Datasheet

I do not think that there is anything wrong, the two jfets do not have the same Idss, so the bias dahasheet vary. It looks very nice, and it is in original condition. The Vgs affects operating range but it otherwise not important; usually low Vgs JFETs are used and the drain current is set so that the offset from the input to the output of the composite amplifier is zero volts.

I aquired this very nice Pioneer SA Signal from dataaheet input attenuator is connected to source follower Q Does anybody here have experience with this circuit?

At about that time I bought a Goldstar OSA oscilloscope from a thrift store, hoping it would help me a little to fix the I’m gonna let this sink in and study the schematic armed with this. On datashest 2, the drain voltage is I found one of the same type that had a lower Vgs and it worked, but I only had one that had low enough Vgs, not enough to fix both channels, besides, the max.

On Wed, Datssheet 18, at 6: When excessively high-amplitude signals are applied to the source follower, the signals will be Q and the gate-source junction of Q I read about the design, dont remember where, of the input amplifier to the Tek scope. From the datasheet http: I should have looked there for answers, I will certainly give that dstasheet thorough read. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


However, there seem some problems in the pre-amp at least a very scratchy volume pot. Now, I would like to hear the experts evaluation of this SA control amp schematic.

30 Amp Transistor Fabulous 2sk30 Datasheet 2sk30 Pdf Pinouts Circuit toshiba – A Transistor

Makes sense to use a low noise jfet for datashet input, if the frequency response is overly critical. So I have decided to check it out totally and do whatever necessary to make it work flawlessly. When particular JFETs are recommended for audio applications, that’s because of 2sk330 noise, not poor frequency response.

Over temperature the Vgs of both JFETs will track preventing temperature changes from changing the offset from input to output. I have a old Toshiba 2sk30 datasheet. On Wed, 18 Nov In this schematic high frequencies go to Q while low frequencies go through U and Q Your name or email address: