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While the report supports the move to decarbonisation of the EU’s energy system byits policy recommendations appear to be more in tune with Enel’s interests and include a single market for energy which would make it easier for big energy companies to operate across bordersand a stronger emissions trading scheme.

I am a university lecturer and teach among other subjects, Industrial Economics, including topics like, “Regulation”, “Moral Hazards”, “Incentives” etc.

All publications – HELCOM

Annual report on discharges observed during aerial surveillance in the Baltic Sea The revolving door reflects one dgw of the corporate capture of the EU decision-making process. Petite had had a controversial spin through the revolving door himself from the Commission’s Legal Service to global law firm Clifford Chance in where his clients have included tobacco firm Philip Morris.

But the analysis in this report about the departing zorular of the second Barroso Commission, shows that the revolving door rules remain inadequate and poorly implemented. We refuse funding from the EU, governments, political parties and corporations to be as independent as possible, so every single donation really helps.

Whether or not a role is remunerated is a major although not the zm,eri factor when considering revolving door moves. CEO’s Black Book showed how the Barroso II Commission came to act on behalf of corporations whether it was in the fields of climate, agriculture and food, or finance, economic and fiscal policies.


zmlerk Whatever the case, in our view, ex-commissioners should not be able to join the board of financial companies so soon after leaving office. Merit Capital is not in the EU lobby register. More information about the session can be found here. It is the only such spreadsheet publicly available. Status of coastal fish communities in sorrular Baltic Sea during — the third thematic assessment.

This is a serious omission and shows the limitations of the revolving doors process as conducted by the Commission led by the Secretariat-General, with inputs from the Legal Servicelooking at new roles on a case by case basis, rather than looking at the overall portfolio of a former commissioner’s new roles. Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development.

By contrast, it did go through a formal authori s ation process for Barroso’s new role as an unpaid member of the international board of the Madrid Opera House! Petite has also carried out lobbying vis a vis the Commission.

Adolescent Girls and the Girl Child. The Ad hoc Ethical Committee consists of a trio of ex-EU institution insiders currently a former Commission director-general, an ex-MEP, and an ex-EU judgetasked with providing an opinion to the Commission on the compatibility of former commissioners’ proposed new roles with their obligations under the EU treaty.

Is it having your name and photo on the website, or something more? In our view, the Commission should have applied a far lengthier and broader lobby ban, with specific reference to those corporations with funding or governance links to the TNC.

Lobbying around the EU Copyright Directive has been intense: Cases where new roles were considered and ultimately rejected for authorisation should also be vd transparent. They have carefully and strategically inserted it into the EU system, aorular it could have a significant impact on the shaping of new EU legislation or policies, and those under revision.


Four commissioners have taken at least eight roles between them which should have been rejected outright by the Commission. The declaration of activities signed by Special Adviser Kallas released under access to documents had not been updated to mention his new work for Nortal.

The revolving doors spin again

And yet, while De Gucht did not directly regulate telecommunications in his Commission role, he led on the negotiations for TTIP which has been of growing interest to the telecommunications sector. Overall, there needs to be a far more rigorous and, dare we say, sceptical, approach taken to the revolving door, especially as it affects the EU’s most senior leaders, so as to ensure that experiences and insights gained from years of working at the highest levels of public office do not end up benefiting private, corporate interests.

The Commission has yet to admit any wrong-doing in this debacle. European Commission Audiovisual Services. I have a question, not as academic, just as a simple “tax-payer” European citizen who still believes in justice.

There should be full transparency about all former commissioners’ revolving door moves, via a dedicated website which publishes information along the lines of that in our spreadsheet. My contract with Nortal was terminated as from the 6th of Augustabout what I informed the European Commission.

Her investigatory powers are clear-cut. For any questions related to EDD, please contact community eudevdays.