View and Download GMC Yukon XL owner’s manual online. Automatic Transmission Operation There are several different positions for your shift lever. Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals. Below you will find free PDF Chevrolet Tahoe Owners Manuals ยท Chevrolet Tahoe Owners. Find owner’s manuals and service manuals for all GM models here. Buick Service Manuals. GMC Service Manuals. Cadillac Service Manuals.

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Sustained high temperature can cause the material of the tire to degenerate and reduce tire life, and excessive temperature can lead to sudden tire failure. Page Battery If this message is displayed when the engine is running, you may have a problem with your charging system.

The shoulder belt should fit against your body. You can turn the outlets from side and down to direct the flow of air.

GMC Owner Manuals – Factory Warranty, features and options, and maintenance explained

Whenever any fluids or lubricants are added to your vehicle, make sure they are the proper ones, as shown in Part D.

Pull the shift lever toward you. This is a mistake.

Pull the push lower air dam assembly away from the retainers until the lower air dam is free. You can be badly burned and your vehicle damaged if this occurs. Exhaust System Inspection Part C: Be aware that there are special things to know about safety belts yukob children.

The fluid level must be in the COLD area, below the cross hatched area, for a cold check or in the HOT 20011 or cross hatched area for a hot check. Page Part D: Engine exhaust can kill. People have been hurt doing this, and some have been blinded.


Power Windows If Equipped If you have 2001 windows, the controls are located on each of the side doors. When one of the warning lights comes on and stays on when you are driving, or when one of the gages shows there may be a problem, check the section that tells you what to do about it.

The harness system holds the infant in place and, in a crash, acts to keep the infant positioned in the restraint. Watch out for the engine cooling fan.


Cassette tapes should be stored in their cases away from contaminants, direct sunlight and extreme heat. Tighten each wheel nut by hand using the wheel wrench until the wheel is held against the hub. Pull the rest of the shoulder belt all the way out of the retractor to set the lock. Also, you should retain all maintenance receipts. Ymc Your Vehicle Consult your dealer or a professional towing service if you need to have your vehicle towed. Press this knob tukon turn the system on and off. You can be temporarily blinded by approaching headlamps.

How This Ownners is Organized This maintenance schedule is divided into five parts: Interior Lamps Instrument Panel Intensity Control The instrument panel intensity control is located to the right of the headlamp switch. Periodic Maintenance Inspections Listed in this part are inspections and services which should be performed at least twice a year for instance, each spring and fall.

Passing another vehicle on a two highway is a potentially dangerous move, since the passing vehicle occupies the same lane as oncoming traffic for several seconds. GM recognizes these concerns and urges every off roader to follow these basic rules for protecting the environment: Alcohol affects four things that anyone needs to drive a vehicle: It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle.


Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon Owners Manuals

Here are some cleaning tips: Climb a long hill on a hot day. Don’t show me this message again. Scheduled Maintenance 45, Miles 75 km j If Equipped: When the clutch is engaged, the fan spins faster to provide yuukon air to cool the engine. Uniform Tire Quality Grading Quality grades can be found where applicable on the tire sidewall between tread shoulder and maximum section width.

Additional rear axle scheduled maintenance is required when trailer towing. Foreign materials such as calcium chloride and other salts, ice melting agents, road oil and tar, tree sap, bird droppings, chemicals from industrial chimneys, etc.

In moderate to severe frontal or near frontal collisions, even belted occupants can contact the steering wheel or the instrument panel. Changes and modifications to this system by other than an authorized service facility could void authorization to use this equipment. To manually increase airflow, move the knob clockwise. Canadian Roadside Assistance A service representative will provide assistance when you call. Dome Lamps The dome lamps will come on when you bmc a door.