Find great deals on eBay for Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual in Other Models. Shop with confidence. If you sell the vehicle, please leave this manual in it so the new owner can use it. We support voluntary technician certification. For Canadian Owners Who Prefer. Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual.

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To avoid damaging protective trim, never use auto or chrome polish, steam or caustic soap to clean aluminum.

Depending on the system you have and the setting selected, you can send cooled or heated air to the rear of the vehicle. You can ask your dealer for our trailering information or advice, or you can write us at the address listed in your Warranty and Owner Assistance Information Booklet. Care of Your Cassette Tape Player A tape player that is not cleaned regularly can cause reduced sound quality, ruined cassettes or a damaged mechanism. To set your memory seat: The path of an inflating air bag must be kept clear.

Press this button to remove the tape or stop the tape and play the radio. To make the lap part tight, pull down on the buckle The lap part chvy the belt should be worn low and snug on end of the belt as you pull up on the shoulder part.


Chevrolet Owner Manuals – Factory Warranty, features and options, and maintenance explained

When you are doing this check, the vehicle could move suddenly. Say, for example, you have a lb. Silvverado a low gear and get a firm grip on the steering wheel.

Make sure the release button is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle the safety belt quickly if you ever had sillverado. Put the restraint on the seat.

Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

You can remove fuses with a fuse extractor which is mounted to the fuse block access door. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that an unsecured child restraint can move around in a collision or sudden stop and injure people in the vehicle. Push the latch plate into the buckle until cyevy clicks. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, shift into 4HI. P20 Van – But please use the following steps to do it safely.

If there is a cover, move the seats forward and turn the wing nut on the cover counterclockwise to remove it. K25 Suburban – This spray can happen if your tank is nearly full, and is more likely in hot weather. Steering in Emergencies There are times when steering can be more effective than braking. Steering is easier at lower speeds for maneuvering and parking ease.

You should probably stay with your vehicle unless you know for sure that you are near help and you can hike through the snow.


Electrochromic Inside Rearview Mirror with Compass and Temperature Display If Equipped When on, an electrochromic mirror automatically dims to the proper level to minimize glare from lights behind you after dark.

It silverao fail suddenly and cause an accident. Page 93 Keyless Entry System If Equipped If your vehicle has this feature, you can lock and unlock your doors from manula 3 feet 1 m up to feet 30 m away using the remote keyless entry transmitter supplied with your vehicle.

This feature will provide added safety belt comfort for older children who have outgrown booster seats and for small adults. Use a car washing soap. Aveo – When the engine starts, let go of the key. Changing a tire can cause an injury. Trailblazer EXT – Then replace the pressure cap. G20 Van – The wipers will stop after one wipe. The odners will mute while scanning.

Chevrolet 2001 Silverado 1500 Pickup Owner’s Manual

Be sure silvsrado battery has enough water. Power Windows If Equipped If your vehicle is equipped with power windows, the controls are located on each of the side doors in the front and rear. Corsica –