Those, who prefer downloading music tracks with one click, should choose Music Maniac Pro (a modern MP3 Downloader for Android). Yes! It isn’t the joke. Similar to other applications for Android, this one is also designed with the ability to search tracks in MP3 audio format with one click. Using the program you’re able to broadcast the song online, get it on your phone or tablet for offline listening and receive a ringtone from this file.

In general terms, Music Maniac can be described as an absolutely free of charge searching tool, which is applicable for downloads of tracks. Finding your favorite track and getting it is as easy as you have never experienced. But before you start doing that, you have to familiarize yourself with the essentials of installing the application on your phone or tablet with Android OS. The guide we are offering is a valuable tool that will equip you with necessary knowledge & skills.

Getting APK Version of the Program on Your Phone or Tablet

The 1st thing you need before using such Music Downloader programs as fantastic Music Paradise and incredible Music Maniac is their review.

The review will definitely raise your ability to use the programs effectively.

Overview Of Music Maniac Application

Let us discuss the overview of the program prior to starting the process of its downloading.

  • MP3 Title/Artist Search (searching for individual work of music) & Top Songs of Artists (the most popular musical songs of some singers) are two most typical methods of searching in the application.
  • If you’re intended to receive a certain music file and a particular singer/performer, such type of search as MP3 Title/Artist Search will definitely help you.
  • If you’re willing to see the most frequently selected track of a particular singer, you should opt for Artists Top Songs.
  • Clear Downloads List, Downloads, & Location are the main buttons of the menu, displayed on the screen of the program.
  • Clicking on Downloads will allow users to see the whole history of received tracks, i.e., the current download and the previous ones.
  • Tapping on Clear Downloads List will enable you to delete rapidly the history of downloading.
  • To see the place of the received MP3 file, you should click View Download Location. This will enable you to see the storage place of downloaded tracks.

Music Maniac Pro: Installation Process

Allowing unknown sources can be achieved by taking the following actions: visiting Settings tab, going to Security, selecting “allow unknown sources”.

APK file is an offline installer of the program. Follow its link for downloading provided below.


Tap the APK file, which you have just downloaded. As soon as it gets installed open it. The following instruction will facilitate the process of getting songs in MP3 format on your tablet / phone functioning on Android.

Downloading Free Songs Through Music Maniac Program (Android Version)

  • The 1st step implies opening the program and selecting the appropriate searching method: either Artist Search or MP3 Title.
  • After that, you should enter the song or singer name if you’re willing to find the needed track.
  • The Resultstab will allow users to see the outcome of their song searching process when they are looking for a song or singer.
  • If search results aren’t visible, which is indicated with special notification, you may view External results clicking on appropriate button.
  • In some cases, the above mentioned options (External results) can serve as the songs sources.
  • The final step implies selecting a track, receiving it on the device and making it an incredible ringtone.
  • The program displays current status of the track downloading & its location.

Summing up:

The above presented algorism will make the process of downloading the program & songs with the help of it a feasible and enjoyable job. We hope that the described procedure of downloading musical files to your phone / tablet using special downloader will help to meet all your needs. Feel free to share your experience in the comments below.