Music is something that keeps you going in tough periods of your life: it turns your mind off and helps to relax. Music has no borders; it unites people and makes them feel happier. Due to the technological revolution Walkman’s, CDs and MP3 players have been replaced by one convenient device, the mobile, which combines various functions, in particular listening to adorable music.

A large number of songs released every single day become hits. Therefore, people look for the application, which will enable them to download this incredible mass of songs, and listen to them both live and offline. Nowadays, when providers supply users with high-speed data transfer, downloading music is as easy as possible. It allows people to have access to their favorite music all day long.

Applications For Downloading MP3 Music to Android & iOS

It should be noted that music applications suit appropriate Operating Systems. In this article you are presented with detailed reviews of most popular apps, suitable for both Android and iOS mobile phones. With the help of the described applications, you will be able to enjoy music using only your mobile device.

Music Applications For Android-Based Mobile Devices

Google Play Music: this app is considered to be a leader among representatives of the industry of mobile music. Offering users, who must be its subscribers, more than 50000 songs for uploading, the program allows them to listen to music online as well as offline (in case of paying a subscription fee). Unsubscribed visitors are allowed to download free tracks. This app has an incredible arsenal of over 35 million songs to suit every taste.

Rhapsody: it is the oldest app, which appeared in the industry of mobile devices, but it is still topical and required. Apart from functioning as a downloader of enormous quantity of different music, this app allows users to have access to free advertisement and high quality audio files. Besides, the app has the following advantages: creating user’s playlist, providing with offline listening, choosing the radio track in accordance with your preferences to a certain artist or kind of music. Rhapsody is also supplied with audio EQ, sleep timer and music videos.

Sound Cloud: being a very attractive app on market, presenting android production, Sound Cloud has common functions, in particular music downloading, and some new ones, including the presence of music, which young generation especially enjoys listening to (rock, hip-hop, jazz, etc).

That is why this app is considered a stylish one.

You may search for either a certain genre type or an artist to find what you want in the best possible way.

You’re able to play soundtracks, make pauses or skip even when phone screen is locked. The function of recording and uploading the user’s music also exists. It provides you with a wonderful opportunity to listen to tracks, composed by other users and even create your own musical tracks. Moreover, Geotag recording allows you to get some interesting facts about a certain song or melody.

MP3 Music Downloader: it’s a completely free of charge program, which has no restrictions in downloading any type and any number of music tracks. The distinguishing features of this app are the following: skipping tracks, the repeat and shuffle functions, quick rewind and forward, review of songs before downloading starts, playback of background music. Besides, the app allows you to view the lyric and edit album or artist information. You can also use the app while driving a car, due to the drive friendly feature to control touch. Moreover, the application features such function as sleep timer, equalizer of sound, Twitter or Facebook song posting and so on.

Simple MP3 Downloader: this application will make your song downloading process unbelievably easy and simple, allowing you to save music files in MP3 format. You have a possibility to enjoy free unrestricted downloads making use of the user-friendly interface. Search criteria include music type, genre, & artist name. Downloading is activated by tapping the selected item. The application conveniently stores the songs in the special place – Downloads tab.

Non-Free Applications for Android

A List of Other (Non-Free) Music Applications Designed for Android include:

– Pandora

– Jango Radio

– iHeartRadio

– Slacker Radio

– Deezer

iPhone and iPad Music Applications

Freegal Music: the application called Freegal Music is a valuable tool allowing users to download and save a huge number of MP3 songs exceeding 7 mln through the library. You need to visit iTunes store to download & install it on your device. As soon as you complete these operations, you can start searching for your favorite song via the library. In spite of the obvious advantage of this program – user-friendly interface – some users complain of having experienced its crashing.

Spotify:  this tool s extremely popular among music fans due to its capability to enable free downloading of a great number of tracks on an ordinary platform. Searching for artists and songs with the help of this app is as enjoyable as you have never imagined. Moreover, the application features playlist function and a huge songs database. Among the disadvantages noted by its users are: a subscription required by the app and sometimes irritating add displays.

iDownloader: it features a great number of useful options: players, both MP3 and video downloads, a photo viewer and a web browser. Due to a wealth of sharing and management capabilities which make this application more than a downloader it is an indispensable supplement to your iPhone adds. Its disadvantages reported by the users are associated with a little slow download speed and random crashes.

Tidal: the distinguishing feature of the program is its capability of providing offline storage of your music, which will allow you to access it later being disconnected with the internet. This application requires users to acquire a subscription. The useful features of Tidal include: high quality audio and video, music sharing and a great number of other important functions.

Deezer: this good program allows users to listen to downloaded music offline having paid a small subscription. However, the stored musical tracks get unavailable as soon as users quit paying the required fee.

Google Play Music: the famous app can successfully function on both iPad and iPhone which is delightful news for their owners.

Having read through the presented above reviews you are well aware of various music downloaders’ features. Don’t hesitate to choose the one which best suits your needs and enjoy your searching, downloading and listening to your favorite musical tracks fully!